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Europe weather: Fish DIE in Hamburg river as heatwave heats the water to highs of 27.5C


Europe weather: the blistering heatwave has killed fish in a river in Hamburg, Germany, after the water temperature rose to 27.5C as an extremely hot spell continues to hit the continent.


PUBLISHED: 08:11, Mon, Aug 6, 2018 | UPDATED: 08:18, Mon, Aug 6, 2018

The dead fish can be seen floating on the top of the water in a video from Corriere TV, as the river’s temperature rose to 27.5C.

The heatwave hitting Europe has caused the temperature of the Alster river, a tributary of Hamburg’s the main river Elbe.

The drastic temperatures had caused low levels of oxygen in the water, suddenly killing some of the fish living in the stream.

The number of fish killed is unprecedented, according to the German broadcaster NDR.

There is also growing concern for the swans living on the same river whose health might be at risk from the rapid increase of bacteria that is caused by the high temperatures.

Temperatures are forecast to reach highs of 37C in Germany’s capital Berlin on Wednesday.

The European heatwave has also caused drastic consequences in Portugal where intense wildfires in the Algarve, a popular area among British tourists.

Evacuations are taking place across villages in the Portuguese region, with more than 700 firefighters battling the fire over the weekend.

The heatwave spread across the Iberian peninsula has triggered red weather alerts for “extreme heat” in Portugal and Spain.

The fire has consumed 1,000 hectares so far and the Emergency Relief Plan was triggered yesterday once the blaze became widespread.

Heatwave expert Professor Glenn McGregor warned British tourists of the lethal dangers of overheating, which “can lead to brain damage and worst case death”.

He continued: “The very young are especially vulnerable or even those playing football or other beach games.

“If kids are in the pool to cool off they should definitely wear a hat but not stay out for long because of the UV and the heat.”

The sweltering heatwave is expected to continue for the next few days.

Portugal reached 45.5C on Sunday, as the country approaches the hottest temperature ever seen in Europe.

Alvega has seen mercury levels rise near Europe’s all-time high temperature of 48C, which was set in Greece in 1977.

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